Sketching Il Redentore

This is a collection of some of my drawings, sketches, and prints. It is an attempt to encourage me to draw more regularly and with greater focus than I have managed over the last few years. Until recently most of my sketches have been from my travels and I have made a concious effort to draw more in my home city of London. As an architect, my emphasis is on the built environment and my drawings are intended to be primarily analytical, as Michael Graves has written, an attempt to "reveal some salient characteristic of the architecture". For me, drawing is an attempt to see, and understand, more clearly than I would with just my eye or a camera. To this end all of the works, with the exception of those printed, are drawn en plein air (or at least in situ for those indoors). I have worked in a variety of media, most recently favouring pen with some occasional watercolour.