Two Broken Column Funerary Monuments

Two Broken Column Funerary Monuments

Paddinton Old Cemetery is hidden away off Willesden Lane and has an air of comfortable neglect as the older stone monuments and small mausolea gradually wear away gracefully. The calm is broken only by marching lines of unremittingly glossy recent additions in coloured granites.

This sketch is of two elegant monuments in the cemetery taking the form of a broken column which symbolizes a life cut short. The left commemorates Henry Thomas Proctor Shephard who died in 1864 aged 29. The ionic capital lies at the foot of the column base.

The right is for Edwin John Kelly, himself a monumental sculptor, who died aged 51 in 1879 and his wife Ellen who died in 1900 aged 60. The fluted shaft of the column sits atop an elaborate base and is garlanded with ivy, symbolic of immortality.


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