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Wohnhaus Heinrich-Leffler Gasse Michael Loudon Austria
Traditional Japanese House Kazuhiko and Kaoru Obayashi Japan 1850 / ca. 1995 soft use
Weißes Schloss n.a. Switzerland 1890-93 soft use
Mietsblock Muskauer Str. 33 n.a. Germany 1896 soft use
Cottages Anonymous Britain 1901 soft use
Rue Franklin Auguste Perret France 1903 soft form
Maison Dom-ino Le Corbusier 1914 hard form
Hydrostone Thomas Adams Canada 1921 soft form
Haus Auerbach Walter Gropius and Adolph Meyer Germany 1924 soft form
Schröder Huis Gerrit Rietveld The Netherlands 1924 hard use
Hufeisensiedlung Bruno Taut Germany 1925-31 soft use
Quartiers Modernes Frugès Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret France 1925/6 soft form
Verwandelbare Wohnung Karl Schneider Germany 1927 soft use
Wohnzeile, Weissenhofsiedlung Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Germany 1927 soft form
Weißenhofsiedlung, Haus 16, 17 Walter Gropius Germany 1927 hard form
Apartment Schneider, Elingius, Schramm Germany 1928 soft use
Maison Loucheur Le Corbusier France 1928/9 hard use
L’Immeuble Clarté Le Corbusier Switzerland 1930 hard form
Erasmuslaan Gerrit Rietveld The Netherlands 1931 soft use
Kleinwohnung Carl Fieger Germany 1931 hard use